Extension Modules

Real-Time Clock (Troyka Module) Real-Time Clock (Troyka Module)

Know what time is it now even if the device was powered off

Relay (Troyka Module) Relay (Troyka Module)

Durable electromechanical relay cappable of switching up to 16 A of AC or DC

Relay Shield for Arduino (4 × 5 A) Relay Shield for Arduino (4 × 5 A)

Open and close a mechanical switch on a AC or DC line using a program rather than your hand; this board carries four such switches

RFID/NFC Transmitter (Troyka Module) RFID/NFC Transmitter (Troyka Module)

Read and write 13,56 MHz cards, tokens, and tags with this scanner based on the popular PN-532 chip

RS-485 Transmitter (Troyka Module) RS-485 Transmitter (Troyka Module)

Convert UART to industrial RS-485 to send data over the wire by 1200 meters

Screw Shield for Arduino Screw Shield for Arduino

Make reliable connections between board pins and floating wires

Simple Button (Troyka Module) Simple Button (Troyka Module)

A 12 mm momentary button with a built-in pull-up resistor

Simple LED (Troyka Module) Simple LED (Troyka Module)

A five millimeter LED with a current-limitting resistor and power key built-in

Slider (Troyka Module) Slider (Troyka Module)

A linear potentiometer to smoothly control a parameter

Slot Connector Slot Connector

Connect and fasten smart slot pads together

Slot Expander Slot Expander

Gives your smart slot system an extra 10 GPIO pins with ADC and PWM

Soil Moisture Sensor Soil Moisture Sensor

Will tell you when it’s time to water your plant

Stepper Motor Driver (Troyka Module) Stepper Motor Driver (Troyka Module)

Drives a single stepper motor with a simple step/direction interface

Troyka Pad 1×1 Troyka Pad 1×1

An adapter to mount your single-unit Troyka Module

Troyka Pad 1×2 Troyka Pad 1×2

An adapter to mount two units of Troyka Module

Troyka Pad 1×4 Troyka Pad 1×4

An adapter to mount four units of Troyka Module; has four buses joined

Troyka Perfboard Troyka Perfboard

One inch prototyping board with most holes unconnected; make own Troyka Modules or middleware

Troyka Proto Board Troyka Proto Board

One inch Troyka-shaped protoboard with holes interconnected in a fancy pattern to free you up from dealing with wires

Troyka Shield for Arduino Troyka Shield for Arduino

Connect Troyka Modules and other signal-voltage-ground peripherals to the controller board quickly and reliably

Troyka Slot Shield for Arduino Troyka Slot Shield for Arduino

Add up to six Troyka Modules to your project without wires; the quickes way to build a prototype

Troyka Tail Shield for Arduino Mega Troyka Tail Shield for Arduino Mega

Turn the back side of fat controller boards into an array of standard three-wire pin header connectors

TV Out (Troyka Module) TV Out (Troyka Module)

Draw 128 × 96 graphics on your old CRT TV

Ultrabright LED (Troyka Module) Ultrabright LED (Troyka Module)

Make the light party started; the module carries a very bright LED and components to control it with a single signal pin

USB-UART Adapter (Troyka Module) USB-UART Adapter (Troyka Module)

Talk to UART-serial hardware directly over USB; use the adapter to flash the Mini’es