Submersible Water Pump Submersible Water Pump

Water plants or build nice little fountains

Solenoid Valve (Normally Closed) Solenoid Valve (Normally Closed)

Apply voltage to make the drink of your choice flow

Solenoid (TAU-0530T) Solenoid (TAU-0530T)

A linear actuator which pulls its rod when voltage is applied

Servo FS5106B Servo FS5106B

A standard size servo with nylon gears and 180° range

Motorized Ball Valve (15 mm) Motorized Ball Valve (15 mm)

Automate water flow in standard ½ pipes

FS90 Microservo FS90 Microservo

A micro-size 9 gramm servo with nylon gears and 180° range

Caster Wheel Caster Wheel

An omnidirectional ball to add an idle wheel to your robot