Power Adapters

WS2812 LED Strip Driver (Troyka Module) WS2812 LED Strip Driver (Troyka Module)

Adjusts power levels for carefree connection of Neopixel LED strips to your controller

Voltage Regulator 3.3-volt (Troyka Module) Voltage Regulator 3.3-volt (Troyka Module)

Make stable 3.3 V out of any input in 4.4 to 20 V range

DC-DC Booster (Troyka Module) DC-DC Booster (Troyka Module)

Make input voltage higher to power your device from a single Li-Ion or pair of AA batteries

AC⚡DC Converter (Zelo Module) AC⚡DC Converter (Zelo Module)

Makes 5 volts out of your AC mains; allows switching the hi-voltage on and off with the built-in relay