Tactile Sensors

Slider (Troyka Module) Slider (Troyka Module)

A linear potentiometer to smoothly control a parameter

3D Joystick (Troyka Module) 3D Joystick (Troyka Module)

Two-axis analog stick seen on gamepads which may also be pushed

Simple Button (Troyka Module) Simple Button (Troyka Module)

A 12 mm momentary button with a built-in pull-up resistor

Quad Switch (Troyka Module) Quad Switch (Troyka Module)

A simple four-in-one keyboard; each button exposed on a dedicated GPIO pin

Potentiometer (Troyka Module) Potentiometer (Troyka Module)

A canonical linear rotary potentiometer with 280° travel and a notch at the middle

Keypad (4x4) Keypad (4x4)

16-button membrane matrix keyboard with adhesive back side

Illuminated Button (Troyka Module) Illuminated Button (Troyka Module)

A button and LED with all neccessary resistors and power key on a single module

Capacitive Touch Sensor (Troyka Module) Capacitive Touch Sensor (Troyka Module)

Detect touches with no mechanical parts, even through a plastic or glass layer