CyberID Soldering Kit

Get a cybermagnet for your cyberfridge!
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No scan — no food!

CyberID is an interactive fridge magnet that lights up the LED when touched in the middle. Accessing your fridge without a finger scan is restricted. This kit is fun and simple: it has only 9 soldering points. CyberID is an excellent choice for your first steps in soldering. And it suffices as a half an hour warmup for battle-bound solderwarriors. CR2032 battery is included.

If the red LED lights up — you can’t eat. That’s how the corps control your calories in 2058… The complete story is in the kit.

High tech, low life

Ruthless megacorps, scarce basic goods, bright neon lights with hieroglyphs, and crowds of cyborgs on lower levels of the city — our cyberpunk future is probably already on its way. Each Cyberpunk Soldering kit has its own place and story in this world. Collect them all and find out!

user guide

Complete user guide inside

The booklet is short and clear. It will help you not to mess up the soldering.

Soldering is easy!

We are absolutely sure that any humanoid person of 12146 years old is able to master soldering. Soldering is a meditative and calming process of creating satisfyingly lovely devices. Just don’t forget to grab a soldering iron, flux, and solder. Then you are all set. If you really get into soldering, the pliers and a third hand might come in handy.


RoHS compliant

CyberID’s hardware does not contain lead, so it is safe for children. It also won’t poison the rivers one day it would be wasted.