Fun electronics kit for the youngest
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Learn the electronics with 20 fun projects

Choosing a present for a kid? Something educational yet engaging that would hopefully keep a kid occupied for a while? The Micronik kit suits it perfectly! It shows the basics of electronics step by step in 20 interactive projects complicated just enough to keep a young engineer involved. Even a 7 y.o. can get through it without any trouble.


Combine raw electronic components like a real engineer

In the modern world, making electronic devices such as smartphones and computers is a job for robots. They use components smaller than a human eye can see. But designing these devices — that’s a job for an engineer. And the first step of prototyping usually goes with such “huge” components on a breadboard. Yes, that white thing with holes in it for inserting components is called a breadboard! Don’t miss a curious story behind it, which is described in a kit manual. Use resistors, transistors, LEDs, microchips, and capacitors to create small yet interesting devices and learn how they work.

Less theory — more action!

There is no focus on dull theory or complex schemes in this book. “More pictures”, we say! To unfold the true beauty of Ohm’s law and Maxwell’s equations, a person first has to be interested in it. This is what this kit is about — showing that exploring electronics is actually fun. The plan goes like this: a kid falls for colorful pictures and builds first simple devices with the Micronik kit. BAM! The next thing he knows, he is all over the Large Hadron Collider enjoying the quantum field theory!

The first chapter shows how to use components and connect them with the wires on the board. Then the projects start. They go from the simplest, such as a blinking LED, to more complex and entertaining, such as a theremin, alarm system, and a duck hunt. Every project brings up something new about electronics, and the friendly Micronik robot tells fun facts and guides the way forward. By the time young ones finish this kit, they understand how all the components work and have numerous ideas of their own.


What’s inside

  • The book
  • Mini-breadboard
  • 4×2 NOR microchip
  • 555 timer microchip
  • Transistors ×5
  • Buzzer ×1
  • Photoresistor ×1
  • Potentiometer ×1
  • 220 Ω resistors ×10
  • 10 kΩ resistors ×10
  • 100 kΩ resistors ×10
  • 10 nF ceramic capacitors ×10
  • 100 nF ceramic capacitors ×10
  • 22 μF electrolytic capacitors ×10
  • 220 μF electrolytic capacitors ×10
  • Red LEDs ×4
  • Yellow LEDs ×4
  • Green LEDs ×4
  • Buttons ×4
  • 3 position DIP-switch ×1
  • Terminal block ×1
  • Wires ×20
  • 3×AA battery holder ×1
What’s inside the kit

The future is in your hands!

The technologies become more powerful and complicated each year. Hence, they require better scientists and engineers to develop and support. Micronik kit doesn’t make engineers out of kids magically, but it does ignite the spark of interest in the electronics and technologies in some of them. Maybe your kid will become the next Elon Musk, or maybe not. The engineer is a well-paid job, anyway.


RoHS compliant

Micronik’s hardware does not contain lead, so it is safe for children. It also won’t poison the rivers one day it would be wasted.