Motor Shield Plus for Arduino (2 × 2.5 A)

  • AMP-B121
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Want to make a robot, CNC machine, or 3D printer on an Arduino? Your microcontroller alone will not be able to turn the motors even a single degree. This Motor Shield Plus expansion board will help you connect DC and stepper motors with ease.

The motor driver is based on dual-channel H-bridge L6206Q which uses field effect transistors. The chip can withstand a pair of DC motors with a supply voltage from 8 to 52 V and a current of up to 2.5 A. Independent channels can be combined to drive a stepper motor with the same power ratings.

We have also added the ability to determine the current drawn by the motors. This will not only prolong the life of the motors, but also save device battery life.


This board is placed on top of the control platform using the sandwich method.

For communication with the microcontroller, these digital contacts are used:

Purpose Channel 1 Channel 2
Direction 4 7
Speed 5 (PWM) 6 (PWM)
Current Draw A0 (ADC) A1 (ADC)

The pins are connected via jumpers. If your device pins are already taken, remove the jumper and connect to a free pin on the control board.


The board has two voltage lines:

  • Power Circuit - to power the motors from the power section of the H-bridge L6206Q chip. Power supply is connected via a PWR terminal block.
  • Digital Circuit - to power the auxiliary digital logic control chip L6206Q and display LEDs. Digital power is supplied to the shield from the pin 5V of the control board.

If there is no current in at least one circuit, the Motor Shield will not work.

The platform provides the possibility of joining power sources. Place a jumper to power the control platform and the power unit from the same source.

Light Indication

For your convenience, LED indicators are located on the Motor Shield which show:

  • The state of power supply
  • The speed and direction of rotation of the motors, separately for each channel

Package Contents

  • 1 × Motor Shield Plus
  • 5 × Jumpers


  • Motor Driver: L6206Q
  • Number of Channels: 2
  • Logic Voltage: 3.3—5 V
  • Power Voltage: 8-12 V with PWR JOIN or 8-52 V without PWR JOIN
  • Continuous Load Current per Channel: up to 2.5 A
  • Peak Load Current per Channel: up to 5 A for 1 ms