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A prototyping board (aka breadboard) is an indispensable tool for experimenting with electronics. It allows you to quickly and conveniently combine and create electrical circuits without a soldering iron.

When creating something new, especiallty when using trial and error, it is almost always necessary to adjust the circuit several times. If all of the parts are soldered together, these changes become a problem. A breadboard allows you to not worry and make as many changes as you like.

There are 830 contacts on this board. Four pairs of rails on the sides are designed to connect power and ground. Between them there are 126 groups of interconnected contacts.

Breadboard Internals

Contacts can be wired with stripped ends, but it is much more convenient to use a prepared set of wires or jumpers.

After creating a prototype device, you may want to advance your design by using a breadboard mini and a Proto Shield.

On the sides of the breadboard are grooves that allow you to link several boards together to increase your working area. The base of the board is made of a self-adhesive material; if you tear off the protective film, the breadboard can be fixed onto your device.