Raspberry Pi Troyka Cap

  • AMP-B109
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Forget about confusion, wires, and piles of components. This Troyka Cap will be best friends with your Raspberry Pi with sensors and actuators in our standard Troyka module format. The platform will expand the capabilities of a single board by adding eight pins with ADC and PWM.

What's On Board

Troyka contacts “S-5V-G” are installed on the platform:

  • Signal (S) - Digital pin Raspberry Pi;
  • Power (5V) - 5 volt power;
  • Ground (G) - Ground.

The headers allow you to connect standard Troyka modules via 3-wire jumper cables.

On the Raspberry Pi, there are only two PWM channels and no analog-to-digital converter at all! On the Troyka Cap there is a port extender using the STM32F030F4P6 microcontroller with ARM Cortex M0 computing core. The controller provides eight additional I/O pins with support for 12-bit ADC and 16-bit PWM.

To work with these pins, use the TroykaCapPython port extender library.

The extender pins are brought out on a separate comb of S-V-G Troyka contacts:

  • Signal (S) - Signal pin of the GPIO expander
  • Power Supply (V) - Module power supply
  • Ground (G) - Ground

You can choose the voltage on the power line via jumper:

  • 5V-> V - on V there will be a voltage of 5 V
  • 3V3-> V - on V there will be 3.3 V

You will also notice separate triple contacts; we added three groups with I²C interface and two groups with SPI.

All pins on the board are tolerant to 5 volts.


The platform is installed on top of a Raspberry Pi.

Power the resulting board-sandwich through the dedicated barrel socket with a voltage source (5 to 15 V). A buck DC-DC converter is installed on the board which converts the input voltage to the required 5 volts.

Package Contents

  • 1 × Board
  • 1 × Jumper Cable


  • Number of Troyka Contacts (Raspbery Pi): 21
  • Number of Troyka GPIO Expansion Pins: 8
  • Troyka SPI Pins: 3
  • Troyka I²C Pins: 2
  • Logic Voltage: 3.3 V
  • All pins are tolerant to 5 volts
  • Ports with PWM Support: 8
  • PWM resolution: 16 bits (65536 levels)
  • Ports with ADC: 8
  • ADC Resolution: 12 bits (4096 levels)
  • Maximum Current from 5V: 3 A
  • Maximum Current from 3V3: 1 A
  • Tolerable Input Voltage from an External source: 5–15 V