Carbon Monoxide Sensor MQ-7 (Troyka Module)

  • AMP-B055
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Carbon monoxide is colorless, odorless and extremely toxic. Even a small increase in the concentration can be deadly. Defective ventilation in your garage, chimney, or house threatens you and your loved ones. Create a high-concentration CO alarm based on the MQ-7 sensor and restore safety in your life.

This sensor is based on the MQ-7 sensor. Given a logical input, the sensor will produce an analog signal proportional to the concentration of gas in the air. Libraries for Arduino or Iskra are available to convert these readings into ppm (parts per million).

We have also provided the ability to control the heating element on the sensor through a separate group of contacts.

You can use a different voltage for the sensor's logic and heater, and also programmatically turn on and off the heater, which will significantly extend the battery life of the device.

A heating element is built into the module's gas analyzer, which is necessary for the chemical reaction to occur. Therefore, during operation the sensor will be hot - this is normal.

Before using for the first time, we recommend that you "burn" the sensor. Turn it on and leave it running for 24 hours. This procedure will increase the accuracy of the sensor's readings.


In general, the sensor is connected by two 3-pin jumper cables. The first is the sensor power and the sensor data, the second is the power for the heating element. If there is no need to manually control the heater, you can use a single 3-pin cable and power the heater through an onboard jumper.

There are several different ways to wire this module to your Arduino or Iskra:

Troyka Shield. The most straightforward method. Connect the module to a pin group on Troyka Shield with the 3-pin jumper cable and you’re ready to interface with it from your Arduino.

Troyka Slot Shield. The best choice for quick prototyping. Using slots on the shield, you can get rid of cables. The module will be held securely in place using both pin headers.

Breadboard. For advanced use. Troyka pin headers have 0.1” spacing which is compatible with any breadboard. Simply wire the module like you would do with any IC.

Package Contents

  • 1 × MQ-7 sensor module
  • 2 × 3-pin jumper cables
  • 1 × Jumper Cable


  • Heater Power Supply: 5 V
  • Sensor Supply Voltage: 3.3 V to 5 V
  • Current Draw: 150 mA
  • Dimensions: 25.4 × 25.4 mm