TV Out (Troyka Module)

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Give a second life to your old TV; build a creative and authentic display for any retro project. The TV-Out module will be your best friend and allow for composite video signals out of an Arduino.

For example, the Arduino Uno is enough for simple video games such as pong, snake, or Space Invaders. These are the good old classics, where 128 × 96 is enough resolution.

The module is wired for matching two signals from the microcontroller (Sync and Video) and combining them into a composite PAL signal. The module is connected to the TV with one wire via RCA connector.

Connecting and Configuring

The module is connected via two 3-pin jumper cables:

The bottom three pins are used to connect the ground and video.

  • contact vi - video in (string luminance signal). Connect to a digital pin on the microcontroller
  • contact G - ground

For the top three, only one pin is used:

  • contact SY - frame synchronization. Connect to a digital pin on the microcontroller

It would be convenient to connect the module to an Arduino via Troyka Shield.

To draw graphics, use the TvOut library for Arduino. It hides all the complicated details of protocol and synchronization.

Attention! The library is tied to the timings of the boards, so you can not select pin numbers. Connect the module only to the pins indicated in the table below.

Platform Sync Video Audio
Arduino Uno 9 7 11
Arduino Leonardo / Iskra Neo 9 8 11
Arduino Mega 11 29 10

Package Contents


  • Power Supply: 5 V
  • Output Interface: PAL or NTSC analog video
  • Dimensions: 25.4 × 25.4 mm (1 × 1 in)