Water Flow Sensor

  • AMP-X202
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How many liters of water have you spent on watering your garden? Is your washing machine leaking, or you can't tell if you left the faucet on? Find out with this flow meter.

The sensor is based on the Hall effect. Inside the hermetic casing there is an impeller with a magnet, the rotation of which generates pulses on the signal wire of the device.

The sensor generates 450 pulses per liter (1700 per gallon). Thus, the sensitivity of the sensor is approximately 2.2 milliliters. This model of sensor, YF-S201 is designed to measure the volume of flowing fluid in the range from 1 to 30 liters per minute at a pressure of, at most, 1.75 MPa.

The sensor attaches to a pipe or hose with a ½ inch threaded nut.

When connecting a flow meter, you should pay attention to ensure it measures the movement of water only in one direction; an arrow is drawn on the device, indicating the direction of flow.

The sensor is connected by three wires compatible with a Troyka Shield:

  • black - negative
  • red - positive
  • yellow - signal

The length of the wire is 15 cm.


  • Model: YF-S201
  • Power Supply: 5-18 volts
  • Signal Output Voltage: 5 volts
  • Accuracy: 10%
  • Overall dimensions: 62 × 35 × 36 mm (2.44" x 1.37" x 1.41")