Motion Sensor (Zelo Module)

  • AMP-B116
In Cart:

Assemble a smart switch without a microcontroller. Connect this motion sensor to your relay and the device is ready. Three trimmer resistors will set the sensitivity, interval, and response time.

This module is connected to the control electronics - Arduino, Iskra or Raspberry Pi - with the usual Troyka cable. On the board, the module transmits a digital signal — zero at rest and a one when motion is detected.

Principles of Operation

The module is based on the pyroelectric effect. Under the influence of thermal radiation in the crystal, electric pulses are created.

A PIR sensor with two bipolar sensing elements reads the ambient temperature. When a warm object appears in sight, a positive impulse appears on the first element. The object moves further and gets into the field of view of the second element, negative impulse occurs. Multidirectional pulses are understood by the data processing chip. A high logic signal appears at the output of the module.

Module Setup

Three potentiometers are responsible for fine tuning the operation of the module:

  • T.on - adjusts the duration of the high signal when an object is detected. The time is set in the range from one second to five minutes.
  • - adjusts the re-trip block time from zero to five seconds
  • SENS - adjusts the sensitivity of the sensor

The module operates in one of two modes, which is selected via jumper. For different use cases of the module, we have provided two modes of operation. The mode is set by the AUTO-RESET jumper:

  • ON - when a motion is detected, the delay timer is reset. The countdown begins again
  • OFF - the sensor does not respond to movement until it is turned off by the timer


On the sensor is a group of Troyka-contacts:

  • Signal (S) - digital output of the sensor. Used to transfer the current state of the module. Connect to the digital pin of a microcontroller.
  • Power (V) - connect to the operating voltage of a microcontroller.
  • Ground (G) - connect to the ground of a microcontroller.

Dimensional Drawing

Dimensional Drawing

Package Contents

  • 1 × Module
  • 1 × 3-Wire Jumper Cable


  • Power Supply: 3.3–5 V
  • Observation Distance: 7 m
  • Viewing Angle: 110°
  • Duration of a Signal at Movement Detection (Ton): from 1 second to 5 minutes
  • Duration of Ignoring Motion when Repeating (Toff): up to 5 seconds